Vegan Political Debate in California Continues


The restaurants, hotels, and even the public cafeteria have never been friendly places for vegans all over California. It is very rare that you will find a vegan restaurant around the California State. But as the time is changing, people are becoming vegan and the trend is affecting more than it should. Some people are being influenced by the concept of becoming vegan, but some people don’t agree with it.
A few weeks ago, a new bill was introduced by the Councilmember Paul Koretz that makes it mandatory for the restaurants to have at least one vegan dish in their menu. He has a record of being the Pro-Environmental person and that’s why he argued that when the most common places visited by people have non-meat options, everyone will benefit from that. The main emphasis is laid on the veg-friendly options to benefit the environment. As animals are dying due to increasing in-hostility of the Mother Nature, there are chances that many breeds and species will reach the verge of extinction.
Even the United Nations agreed with the fact that as Earth is experiencing a global shift, it is about time that the vegan diet will be the thing left. It has become almost impossible to combat the effects of climate change. It is not just because of the animal’s scarcity, the intake of meat also results in the greenhouse effect. The meat intake results in the emission of greenhouse gases which is 6 times higher than the vegan intake.
Still, there are some people who still think that the “Vegan news” idea proposed is entirely hollow and dumb. Yet Koretz is standing up to his claim and predicts that the Bill will be passed in the upcoming month of February. He made a clear point and thinks that the other cities should also consider making vegan food legislation for the restaurants, hotels, and other places which offer food.
What are the disadvantages of eating Non-Veg Food?
You must consider all the disadvantages of the Non-veg food regardless of how tasty it is. No matter how good and beneficial it seems, but the downside of eating non-vegan can’t be ignored.
• Recent studies have laid emphasis that eating non-veg food increase the risk of Cancer. Consuming meat in the daily diet triggers cancer cells growth, thus it must be avoided.
• The consumption of a high amount of red meat or other non-veg foods results in increased blood pressure and heart issues. That’s why; many people are becoming vegan to avoid heart ailments and cholesterol issues.
• It causes digestive problems too. As the meat contains a high amount of protein, it is a very difficult task to digest that much amount of protein easily. It can also result in issues like acidity, constipation, and some other digestive complications.
• The regular intake of non-veg foods is directly linked to weight gain and obesity. The people who eat meat more frequently can gain weight quickly and become fat. And it is a fact that weight gain can significantly decrease the lifespan of a human being for up to 5 years.
• Some people are not aware that the meat they eat is unhygienic and that’s the main cause of health issues. Usually, the farm animals aren’t given quality food. Instead, the food is high in antibiotic content which is eaten by the people. This will build up a resistance in the human body to anti-biotic which can be harmful.
How Animals affect the Environment?
The fact that fewer people know is that the animals who are raised to be butchered someday result in a greater impact on the environment. The vegan news can be disappointing for a lot of people, but the thing which is more disappointing is the bacteria, pesticides, and antibiotics which are released in the environment because of the animals. The animals which are kept for food excrete a large amount of waste. Animals produce 130 times the waste as compared to the humans who raise them. And their excretion contains toxic gases such as ammonia, methane, etc.
The 15-20% of methane that causes the greenhouse effect is produced by such kind of animals. Plus, the animals are given more amount of plant-based food to get a limited amount of meat from them. So, now you can come to a decision that Koretz has a valid point.
How the Vegetarians will be able to help the Earth?
We all know that a single change in lifestyle and habit can do some good to yourself and others too. Becoming vegan is entirely up to you. If you want to do some good for nature, then just by reducing your meat intake you can make a great change in the world. The more people pot out for the plant-based diet, the more greenhouse gas emission will reduce. If every person on this Earth stops eating meat, then the production of greenhouse gases will reduce up to 70% which is enough to save the planet.
The meat industries are cutting down the rainforest to feed the farmland animals and growing more greens for them. But unknowingly, it is resulting in a significant increase in methane gas causing more troubles for every person living on this Earth.
Is every person is aware of the facts?
No matter how many debates happen and how many non-vegan and vegan news go around, there will always be some people who don’t have any idea what is going on with the world. There is only a reasonable percentage of people who know what part they are playing in the environment. So, it is the duty of the person who already knows these facts that they would influence and convince others to do “good” for the environment. After all, it is their planet too.
As climate change is real enough, the day when our host would retrieve is not far. Just remember, the Earth doesn’t belong to humans, humans belong to this Earth.

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