Vegan food options may be required by law at venues in California


Veganism is not a new notion, but it has been getting more and more recognition recently.  Moreover, today, people are showing a keen interest in exploring the term vegan.

A vegan does not eat any animal-derived products or foods or byproducts and moreover, consume only foods that are only plant-based. Thus, vegans avoid products or foods originated from the source of animals, such as leather, wool, and fur. The small group of vegetarian form the society called “Vegan Society” in 1994 and they invented term “vegan” at that time. This group prefers not to eat eggs, dairy or products come from the animal source. The “Vegan Society” in 1979 became a registered charity. Presently, veganism is known as a lifestyle that prohibits all type of animal exploitation, whether it is clothing, or food or anything.

Lately, many celebrities have become vegan and many stores have also started to offer more and more vegan products. Online searches for vegan food options have also been risen up in the past few years.

The L.A City Council is considering the motion that would mandate public venues to offer vegan food. You might be wondering, why? So, continue reading this article to know the reasons for this.

Recently, people are seen to be tired of seeking vegan foods at public venues and concerts in California. Many Los Angeles residents have reported that there should be food options for vegans at entertainment venues, Los Angeles Zoo and public venues. Luckily, the Los Angeles City Law introduced a proposal that would require large-scale entertainment centers, movie theaters, public venues, and a sports stadium to offer at least one “vegan protein entrée food option”.

Moreover, it would require that Los Angeles International Airport to set up a vegan restaurant in the airport every terminal, along with all restaurants in the airport should provide at least one vegan protein entrée.

Wondering why this big action would be taken by law? Paul Koretz, who is an American Politician and the Los Angeles City Council member, was encouraged by seeing the increasing count of vegans in Los Angeles. He was also inspired by climate change.

He says,” we now left with a few years to significantly drop our greenhouse gas production, along with beef items production, especially, generates so much methane. Without minimizing our consumption of beef, it is going to be hard for us to minimize climate change”.

Paul Koretz was also inspired by Vegan Activists, such as Armaiti May, who believes in making it simple for people to pursue diets that need less gas production of the greenhouse is a vital part of fighting climate change.

“People should have the capability of choosing eco-friendly, healthy and compassionate food options,” May says. Presently, it is even more vital that vegan food options must be available due to climate change we are now experiencing. May also said that vegans also face challenges when they visit public venues and there they find a lack of vegan food options for them. Vegans end up at leaving the restaurant by eating nothing and that’s also the reason there should be more food options for vegans.

Thus, Koretz said that I want that more food options should be available for vegans who follow plant-based diet during a vegan news conference at City Hall.

If the law passes this motion then adding vegan foods will not be a big challenge. Koretz said that the change could be made easily in all venues. For instance, a movie theater can offer hot dogs and can also offer vegan dogs.

New York once named as the best city for vegans and now, Los Angeles also want to be in competition. The Los Angeles wants to strip title “best city for vegans” given to New York by offering more vegan food options to residents in California. Undeniably, this would be the great transformation of food lifestyle in Los Angeles.

A health committee will hear Koretz motion of offering more food options for vegans in California. If the committee passes the motion, then they will send the motion to the full city council. If the majority of council members pass it, then the city attorney will make a law. The law would effect in the city from February 2019(most probably).

If you already consume plant-based diet then it is really good. However, if you are making your mind to start following plant-based food options as New Year resolution, then you must know why vegans prefer to avoid animal products.

1. Ethical Reasons

Vegans believe that “All Creatures on the earth have full right o freedom and life”. That’s the reason why they start to avoid consuming food comes from the animal source and preferred alternatives.  Thus, ethical vegans don’t consume meat and food products originated from the animal. Ethnic vegans also don’t wear clothes made of animal skin. All this is because of sustaining the industry of animal agriculture.

2. Health Reasons

Some people go vegans because of health effects. We all know that plant-based diet help in reducing heart disease risk, cancer, and many major illnesses. Moreover, many studies have also proven that vegan food also helps in lowering body mass index and weight.

Thus, some people choose to go vegan because to reduce body fat and to have a healthy lifestyle free from various chronic illnesses.

3. Environment Reason

The animal-based products need more resources and moreover, they cause more greenhouse emissions as compared to plant-based food options. If you see deeply, then you will get to know that animal agriculture generates approximately 65% nitrous oxide and it also includes methane emissions (35 to 40%), along with carbon-dioxide emissions (9%). All these three emissions are known as the three main greenhouse gases that involved in huge climate change and air pollution.

The environment is one of the major reasons mentioned in vegan news why food options for vegan should be mandated by law at public venues in California.

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