Vegan Athlete Anthony Joshua


Today, the count of the people going vegan has increased in New York. There are now many vegan restaurants in New York. Also, when it comes to the vegan world, the one name also comes in the mind i.e. Anthony Joshua. Vegan athlete Anthony Joshua is a British professional boxer, and also, current heavyweight world champion. He is the one who holds 3 out of 4 major world championships in boxing. The unique thing about him is that he avoids eating animal’s products and that’s why he causes huge hubbub in the world. He is also known as one of the vegan athletes who prohibits foods or products that are originated from the animal source. As Anthony Joshua is one of heavyweight athlete and also, vegan. The question might arise in your mind that “Are there fat vegans”? Yes, there are and they likely to consume “vegan comfort food”. 

Vegan Celebrities

In today’s modern world, many celebrities are moving to the vegan world and they started to adopt a vegan lifestyle and Anthony Joshua is one of them. Turning down the choices of chicken and fish, he said that he just wants fresh food and the examples are rice, vegetables, avocado, etc.  As many people in New York are becoming vegan and luckily, vegan food choices have also increased since few past years. Also, seeing many people becoming vegan and online searches for the vegan term has also increased to a huge extent in this year. Especially, when famous celebrities, like Joshua, have become vegan, the people show a keen interest in knowing about things.H

How Vegan Diet Helps Athletes

Many popular athletes have exposed that they started to follow a vegan diet, like Anthony Joshua. Also, several athletes give credit to their vegan diet or eating style for their excellent performance in the boxing ring.  There is also no doubt that a vegan diet has become famous as the way to get rid of chronic disease as plant-based diets come with a wide range of health benefits.

Athletes require special nutrition in order to give a high level of performance in the ring and also, they want to prevent illness. It has been analyzed that those athletes who have adopted a vegan diet tend to face less illness as compared to those who have not adopted. All this is because of the immune-boosting benefits of the vegan diet.  High anti-oxidant foods aids in neutralizing free radical formation and also, minimizing oxidative stress. And vegetables and fruits consist of antioxidants in high amount and that’s why vegan athletesstay away from the various type of illness.

Anthony Joshua’s Secret to his Success

Vegan athlete Anthony Joshua believes that eating plant-based products or foods and turning down the animal products have helped him to attain his aim of becoming the “heavyweight champions of the world”. He gives himself enough energy before he put a step in the boxing ring.

No doubt, when it comes to heavyweight, a thing that comes in the mind of every people is animal products. It is believed that only animal products can help to gain more weight and that misconception is still prevailing in the many parts of the world.

The heavyweight athlete, Anthony Joshua put his IBF, IBO and WBF titles on the line when he came back to the boxing ring on March 31, Saturday for a fight against Joseph Parker, WBO champion. To give a tough fight, he consumed an unexpected amount of calories. Here is everything you will know about champion’s boxer, Joshua vegan athlete diet.

Vegan athlete Anthony Joshua

What is the Vegan Diet of Anthony Joshua

This world heavyweight boxer has a nutritionist, Mark Ellison. His nutritionist aids him to do meal planning for him. That’s also one of the major reasons behind his huge success as heavyweight world champion. He starts his day by drinking a glass of water for the hydration of the body. He eats fruits for breakfast and also, a lot of vegetables, such as peppers, onions, and spinach. Vegetables are a wonderful source of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins, like fruits that aid in keeping our body functioning and healthy properly. Also, he relies on the electrolyte drink that is like a recovery shake for him having a lot of carbohydrates and protein.

When it comes to Lunch, he eats sweet potatoes, rice and also a lot of vegetables. And if he likes to eat a snack, then he eats meringues or yogurt and honey as they are calorific and light. At dinner time, he eats double than you normally eat, means he again consumes a lot of vegs.

Thus, if you see the Anthony Joshua diet, then you will analyze that his muscular physique is not crafted in the boxing ring or gym, but was crafted in the kitchen. He also reveals one of the secrets to his success in the boxing ring is vegan athletes diet for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

What are Special Nutritional for Athletes

No doubt, vegan food options can effectively improve athletic performance and many studies have proved that if athlete follows the well-planned vegan diets, then it will help them to stay healthy. However, there are some special nutrition’s that vegan athletes needs, and these nutrition’s are lacking in the vegan diet.

1. Iron

Iron intake is most important for athletes. And if athletes don’t consume iron, then their muscles will not able to perform the athletic activity. There are two types, such as heme and non-heme and the source of heme iron is animal food.

2. Zinc

Zinc aids to improve the immune system and like iron, it is well absorbed if taken from the animal source, not the plant foods. Even studies have proved that vegetarians have zinc deficiency as compared to non-vegetarians. That’s why athletes should consider food options that can provide adequate zinc.

These are few special nutrients that are must for athletes. So, if you are an athlete, who wants to consider a vegan diet, then you make sure that you get all minerals and vitamins. And adopting a vegan diet is like a bonus for athletes as it offers many health benefits.

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