Tips for Going from Vegetarian to Vegan


It’s not latest news that people are now considering to turn to a healthier and environment-friendly diet. So, if you are also thinking of having a vegan diet, then you first need to understand a few things first. Usually, people consider that being a Vegan and a Vegetarian is almost the same, but it is not. Both the terms sound almost the same but there is a major difference between them. 

What is the difference between Vegan and Vegetarian?

A vegetarian is the one who doesn’t eat meat or consumes any type of animal product. In their diet, they exclude not only meat or seafood but also poultry food items too. However, they are still likely to continue taking dairy products such as milk and eggs in their diet.

But the vegan diet doesn’t even contain the food items that are produced with any kind of animal interaction. Thus, they avoid consuming milk, egg, honey, or any other product derived from animals. 

There is a significant difference between these terms. Vegans are vegetarians and a little more. Both include various types of subcategories. The vegetarians are categorized as Lacto Ovo Vegetarian, Ovo vegetarian, Demi vegetarian, and Semi-vegetarian. And the types of Vegans are listed as Ethical vegans, plant-based vegan, and raw vegan.

The main purpose of turning into a vegetarian or vegan is because they need the extract nutrition essential to their body without harming the environment. This way, they will be able to dedicate themselves towards a healthy lifestyle. As the plant-based diet plan is capable of providing the essential nutrients to the body without compromising the food quality, the people would be living a good life. Moreover, they will be able to more than 100 animals at once. 

If you are planning from going to the vegan diet from vegetarian foods, then you will need to be more cautious about everything. People think that it will be an easy transition. But that’s not true; it will be hard for you more than you think. Some of the people don’t even know what is included in a vegan diet. 

What are the categories of a Vegan?

The Vegans are classified into three categories which are given below:

Ethical Vegans: The people who lie in this category are the ones who put their ethics forward instead of their stomach. They inherit their love and care for the animal kind and for environment too. This kind of vegan avoids intake of milk, cheese, eggs, honey, and all the other products that are made from animal skin or involve animals. 

Plant Based Vegans: In this category, people only consider eating food items that are obtained from the ground. Thus, an entirely plant-based diet is opted out.

Raw Vegans: This is a category of people who are highly conscious of everything they eat. The people even avoid the food which is cooked above the temperature of 115°F. The main reason behind this is because they believe that the items cooked on the above temperature range lose its quality, nutrients, and essential enzymes. 

So, here are some tips that would be really helpful for the people who are thinking about becoming a pure vegetarian. The transitioning is a very renewing experience for every person. It won’t be an easy task, so you will need to consider some vital points that must be taken into account properly. 

Give Up Cheese: 

Yes, guys, you will have to make the sacrifice. But don’t think about leaving it all at once otherwise you’ll crave for it more. So, do this gradually. Try not to eat cheese for a month. If that works out fine, then continue eating your food without cheese in it. And, you will be glad to know that you can find Vegan cheese too in the market. 

Find Right Plant Milk: 

As you are leaving the dairy products, it also involves leaving cow’s milk too. But you have to make a strong commitment to this cause. You can consider the intake of some plant-based milk products such as Soya milk, almond milk, etc. These plant-based will help you to replace cow’s milk in your diet. 

Re-Examine the Cookbooks and Your Food Storage: 

Once you switch to a vegan diet, you will have to re-arrange your food storage as your needs. Eliminate all the items that can lure you to fall out of the league. And, don’t forget to take a look in your Cookbooks. You will find some tasty and intimidating vegan recipes there. This will help you to turn your favorite dishes into vegan version and still allow you to enjoy them. Checkout Kristy Turner’s But I could Never Go Vegan!

Watch Earthlings:

Well, not Earthlings specifically, you can also watch other documentaries too. As you come around the situation and condition of animals that are slaughtered and butchered just so they can become our food, you will know it’s highly inappropriate. These kinds of documentaries will help you to acknowledge why you became a vegetarian in the first place. Thus, you will be able to shun away all the animal-based food items. 

Always have a look at the Label: 

vegan labeling
Image of a man examining the nutritional information of the contents of the box.

The time has gone when you chose what you want to eat just by looking at them. Now, before you buy anything, you will have to look for the Vegan trademark or label. It ensures that the product neither contains animal’s skin or any animal is harmed for its manufacture and testing. In the start, it will be hard to find such kind of products, but slowly you’ll come across the ingredients you need. 

Never Over Fixate: 

This is another important tip. If you are doing something new, you don’t need to complicate the situation right away. Instead, give yourself a break and relax. You obviously live in a world where not every single person is a vegan. Thus, it is normal that you come around the contaminated items. If you fixate, you will only be able to eat the food made in Containment chambers. And we can say for sure that you won’t like it that much. 

So, instead of being hard on yourself about it, improvise and think of your own creative way to deal with the vegan diet problem. Maybe you’ll create an entirely new dish in doing so. 

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