vegan taco bell

Vegan Taco Bell!

Más Ways to Enjoy Vegan Taco Bell Order up! Everybody gets that craving. That “I want something good and I

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and their Vegan Baby

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle recently announced they will be upbringing their new baby as vegan. The Duke and Duchess

Burger King Adds The Impossible Burger

Burger King Adds The Impossible Burger to it’s menu. The burger, which now contains the impossible burger from Bay Area

Entrepreneur Makes Push For 1 Billion Vegan School Lunches

Every parent prefers giving a healthy diet to their kids. Plus, as the people are encouraging the vegan diet, the

How Vegans Get their Vitamin B-12

There is no doubt that consuming a plant-based diet is great for the health and this will also keep you
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Tips for Going from Vegetarian to Vegan

It’s not latest news that people are now considering to turn to a healthier and environment-friendly diet. So, if you

Vegan Athlete Anthony Joshua

Vegan athlete Anthony Joshua talks about his diet and what it takes to be a vegan champion

Vegan Political Debate in California Continues

The restaurants, hotels, and even the public cafeteria have never been friendly places for vegans all over California. It is

Vegan food options may be required by law at venues in California

Veganism is not a new notion, but it has been getting more and more recognition recently.  Moreover, today, people are

Thinking about going vegan? Here Are Some Useful Tips

Ever since the debate between vegans and non-vegans has been ruling the internet, people have created a plethora of myths