Entrepreneur Makes Push For 1 Billion Vegan School Lunches


Every parent prefers giving a healthy diet to their kids. Plus, as the people are encouraging the vegan diet, the schools are also focusing on making Monday’s meat-free. Vegan school lunches just don’t encourage the kids for choosing a healthy diet, but it also protects the animals that are butchered for food. Luckily, there are various substitutes for meat too. There are a lot of clubs which are on a mission to get plant-based foods in schools.

If you try, you can use the plant-based foods in various recipes and make delicious veggie balls or burgers that the kids would love to eat. All you need is to be a little more creative and you will be able to convince your kids to opt for a vegan and gluten-free diet. We all would agree that schools play a vital role in developing a moral character in every kid. So, if you also want your kid to establish healthy eating habits, then it can be started with schools. This will help you to save money, protect your kids from various harmful and fatal diseases caused by animal meat and reduce the impact on the environment too. So, decide to pack vegan school lunch for your kids and make them contribute to Mother Nature. A simple habit can prove beneficial for an entire lifetime.

So, here are some dishes that the school’s lunch delivery system can try out and make the kids fall in love with the vegan diet. Now, you will understand how wonderful plant-based foods can be. 

1:  Vegan Mac N’ Cheese: 

vegan mac n' cheese school lunches

Mac N’ Cheese is one of the favorite dishes that kids love to eat. And the best thing is that the recipe is pretty simple. It is like the ultimate conform food plus the taste is also brilliant. You can also use the breadcrumbs and sprinkle it on the dish to give it a crispy and crunchy topping. The cheese adds flavor and it has the nutritional yeast which serves perfect for vegan school lunches for the kids. Make sure that you bake the Macaroni, cheese, and crumbs are cooked until golden brown. The parents can also make this dish with several twists if their kids also love it.

2: Veg Chili: 

As the name clearly signifies, the veg chili is one of the best plant-based foods that can be packed for school lunch. You can use the ready-to-eat grains, summer veggies, and tinned kidney beans to make this dish. With simple and easy ingredients, this recipe is enough to water the kid’s mouth. It not only looks good but also packed with plenty of nutrients. You can further add toppings like black bean chili to add a little extra taste and health to the lunch. 

3: Vegan Pizza: 

Vegan Pizza School lunches

Who doesn’t love pizza?  If you want to make the kids happy and give them a healthy lunch, then you should make try out the homemade pizza. This is one of the most perfect vegan school lunches for the kids. This Italian recipe can be made with the plant-based substitutes easily and only take half an hour to finish. Make the dough with Margherita and sprinkle the healthy veggies all over the pizza. Add the vegan parmesan cheese for the extra cheesy touch in the pizza. The kids will be amazed to know that the substitutes can be tasty too. You can try out the vegan pizza recipe with lots of fresh veggies.

4: Falafel Burgers:

Another way to add plant-based foods in the kid’s diet is by making a tasty vegan burger. In the younger age, every kid craves for calories. And there is nothing wrong with eating calories once a week. The falafel burgers are good for lunch and also serve as a good filling dinner. Just bake a batch of falafel and pack them into pitas. Add salad materials, a spoonful of hummus and some red onions for crunch and you have a healthy snack as lunch.

5: Vegan Shepherd’s Pie: 

Every now and then, kids also feel homesick and want something that feels like home. And for that, you can try Shepherd’s pie as part of your vegan school lunches. It is a classic home cooking recipe. You can fill the pie with crispy roast potatoes, a mix of earthy porcini mushrooms, and butternut squash. Eat the crunchy pie with a squirt of tomato ketchup and it will be irresistible for the kids. You can add nutrients and taste in the pie as much as you want. 

6: Lentil and Cardamom Soup: 

Another thing that kids would like to have as lunch is the tasty and buttery soup. You can add the plant-based foods in the soup and spice up the kid’s lunch. It is a wonderful and warming recipe for the kids to give them citrus and fresh veggies.  The soup will only take almost 10 minutes to get ready and serve as a delicious lunch mix. 

7: Curried Tofu Wraps:

Curried Tofu Wraps school lunches

Just picture tandoori spiced tofu, crunchy red cabbage, and cool mint yogurt as a vegan school lunch.  Even the ingredients sound delicious. And that’s what they are. The combination will water your mouth. The recipe has color, taste, and texture and thus, serves as the perfect lunch for the hungry kids. 

8: Coconut Curry Noodle Bowl:

When it comes to plant-based foods, how can we forget to add noodle with veggies? The coconut curry noodle bowl can be prepared in just 10 minutes with taste and texture. Plus, the recipe is completely vegan and thus, it will meet the dietary requirements of the kids. Scatter some nuts and coriander for the sensational topping and the kids will have an overwhelming spiced dish to eat as lunch. 

As we said before, if you are creative enough, then you can add a lot of plant-based foods in the kid’s vegan school lunches. If the kids become more vegan-friendly, then the kids will get habitual to dedicate themselves towards the environment and their health at the same time. Also probiotics are great for kids as they have essential vitamins and minerals.

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