Burger King Adds The Impossible Burger


Burger King Adds The Impossible Burger to it’s menu. The burger, which now contains the impossible burger from Bay Area vegan startup Impossible Foods is only available at locations around St. Louis Missouri. If successful the Impossible Whopper could roll out across the country to more than 7,000 locations later this year. The new vegan option includes Impossible Food’s Impossible Burger 2.0, which apparently is “better” than the original Impossible Burger in a restaurant environment. It’s holding up better to various preparation methods and the vegan burger is able to withstand the dreaded “drop at the end of Burger Kings burger cooker, and this was the main factor that eventually convinced Burger King to partner with the Northern California vegan Impossible Burger company.

April Fools? Not So Much

Pat Brown, CEO of Impossible Foods confirmed that although we made this announcement on April Fools Day, the launch is 100% real and is moving forward. He stated, “you can think of it as a ‘meta’ April Fools Joke.” He also said, “people will get a burger that they will actually believe it’s made from an animal, and be told it’s made from plants, and think it’s an April Fool’s joke and it’s not!”

Upon testing the burger is how it tastes just like a Whopper!. The launch marks a change is the chain’s operating methods and how they handle the vegan meat. The New York Times notes that the new menu option is the result of an unusual pair that found a perfect fit. One business that promotes it’s deep love for beef on every single Whopper wrapper(100% Beef With No Fillers), and a brand new company that is committed to getting consumers to stop eating meat and switch to a more plant-based diet.

Partnerships Matter

The publication also reports that despite the success of other partnership between vegan burger brands and famous restaurant chains, a national rollout of this the Impossible Whopper burger would mark the largest ever in the US. Although, the isn’t Burger King’s first partnership into the meatless or vegan area. The chain currently features Morningstar Farms vegetarian burger on it’s menu. There’s also other items that are vegan, including French Toast Sticks, Dutch Apple Pie, Garden Side Salad, Oatmeal, Hash Browns, and French Fries.

impossible burger 2.0 whopper burger king
Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews is the largest restaurant chain to serve The Impossible™ Burger (PRNewsfoto/Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, Inc.)

 The Impossible Burger 2.0’s main ingredients consist of water, soy protein concentrate, coconut oil, sunflower oil and natural flavors. It’s also gluten-free, and and has as much iron and protein as a beef burger — a 4oz patty has 4.2mg iron and 19g protein. You might also want to check out this list of Top Vegan Burgers you must try.

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